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 About Metal Roofing Products
Macon Metal Roofing in Macon, GA,  & Smith Built Metal Roofs & Buildings in Albany, GA,  are premier metal roofing manufacturers. We supply Energy Star rated roofs and other building materials for a reasonable cost. Our roofing products are available in 18 different colors to choose from and can be installed over your existing shingle roof. For lightweight and durable roofing systems, call us. We provide:

  • -Metal Roofing
  • -Metal Siding
  • -Roll Up Doors
  • -Metal Building Insulation
  • -4 and 8-inch Red Iron Purlins

Most roofing & siding products include a limited 40 year warranty. Add value to your home while decreasing the cost of homeowners insurance......and have the best looking roof in your neighborhood.

Benefits of Metal Roofing
For approximately the same amount of money as a shingle roof costs, you can have a quality metal roof installed on your home. Shingle roofs need to be replaced on average every 10 to 20 years, whereas materials for a metal roof are warranted for 40 years - a metal roof can last a lifetime!

A metal roof will save you money over its life and will likely increase the resale value of your home. Please check with your tax advisor and your insurance agent as installing a metal roof may qualify you for both a tax incentive and for reduced insurance premiums.